If only !

Meet Fernie one of our company’s German Shepherd Assistance Dogs.

Fernie was born on the 16th April 2010 and was introduced to a coach at 12 weeks of age, in response to requests from some of our group clients. Over the past 2years Fernie has undergone specific training to make her the dog she is today.

A large percentage of work undertaken by Wallingford Coach is the specialist carriage of elderly, disabled and vulnerable people and as is the case with many of us some of our clients feel lonely and unsure of themselves when away from home.

Over the years it has been proven that the presence of a specially trained dog does help to reassure and make many people feel more at ease. In fact many now ask for and look forward to meeting our dogs on the many outings we undertake.

Fernie also makes independent visits to Nursing Homes and Day Centres to meet and greet their clients.

Why Fernie ?

We were thinking of adding another dog to our home in June 2010. By good chance only a short while before our addition we were in Canada and had the pleasure to visit the Rockies in British Columbia. One of the small towns we visited was a mountain community that really did stand out and leave an impression on our minds.

That place was Fernie, a perfect name for our new dog, either female or male.

Fernie is an authentic mountain town complete with turn of the century buildings, engaging history and legends and a setting that captivates as you scramble for your camera.

Fernie is the only city-class municipality that is fully encircled by the Rockies.